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Did you ever wonder why the American flag is made of stars and stripes? Stars were chosen because they are thought to be a symbol of heaven; a place where people aspire to go to in the afterlife. Stripes represent rays of light that emanate from the sun. The United States Flag Store is all about the flag. If you need flags, flagpoles, accessories or flag-related products, they are the largest online flag vendor for a reason.

American, Car, Garden and Outdoor Flag Accessories

There are many ways you can show your pride in the form of red, white and blue. Whether in the classroom, home or office, we have got an array of products to personalize any space. From indoor flagpoles that spruce up any public or private corner to customizable display cases dedicated to housing a special American flag. To add some patriotic zest and decorations to your home around the holidays or all year round, pleated fans are the way to make any railing or window look like it is straight out of colonial times. We carry stick flags that serve well in the classroom, to hand out at parades or even as an honorable reminder. We also carry car flags and lapel pins to show your pride on the go! We got the iconic American car flag, the Texas state car flag and even the POW/MIA car flag.

For something extra to add to your outdoor space, The United States Flag Store also carries American flag steel firepits to gather around during bonfire season.

Be sure to check out our Garden Flags and flagpoles as well!

Replacement Flagpoles, Pole Parts, Hardware and Supplies

And of course, if your flag or flagpole just needs a little touch up to keep on keeping on, we have got that too. You can get anything from ground sleeves for the base of your flagpole, halyard ropes needed to raise your flag and even brass swivel snap hooks. There is a wide variety of flagpole accessories made to replace parts that wear down with time because we know waving that flag is a full-time job!

How do you hang a flag that doesn't have grommets?

There are a couple different options you can explore as far as hanging a flag that doesn't have grommets. With one of the simplest solutions being if it is made as a pole sleeve flag, to merely put the flag on a pole that will fit it or came with it. The next option you have is to hang it on your wall with command strips, poster tack or even find a curtain rod to put it on. We have a wide selection of different wall mount kits here that would also serve you well.

Of course, even with all this in mind, it is possible to install your own grommets onto the flag as well. Many hardware stores will have these with the proper instructions on installation.

How do I keep my flag from spinning? From wrapping around the pole?

Unfortunately, with heavy wind or if your flag is mounted on a flagpole to the back of your car, the flag is going to spin to some extent as a result of wind and the windspeed going through it. We do have options that would work for your tailgate pole to keep from wrapping around it. This Never Furl Kit fits the bill wonderfully is priced great and made right here in the U.S.A. We also have options that would work well with your flagpole at home.

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