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Sewn Polyester Flags - Online Stores, Inc. Brand

Sewn Polyester Flags - Online Stores, Inc. Brand

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American flags of all sizes are available at the United States Flag Store, which sells sewn polyester flags in sizes ranging from 3' x 5' to 6' x 10 for outdoor use. Made of spun polyester, these U.S. flags resist high winds and adverse elements thanks to their open weave. This heavy-duty fabric makes these flags ideal for all-day, all-night flying outdoors. These flags will not fray. Because sewn, spun polyester is a considerably heavier material than nylon, these flags do require more effort to put up and take down, and it will also take a stiffer breeze to cause them to "fly" than a lighter nylon flag would.

Spun Polyester is the most durable flag on the market. The open weave reduces fabric stress and resists high winds. These flags are the best choice if you fly the flag 24/7 and your wind speed is higher. As these flags are made from heavier fabric they require a higher wind speed to "fly" than nylon flags. Also, they require more effort to put up and take down.


  • The polyester fabric looks like coarse cotton.
  • They are designed for outdoor use and will resist fraying.
  • They have canvas headings reinforced with rope and brass grommets.
  • These polyester flags have sewn stripes and embroidered stars, and are very attractive.

These flags are made outside of the US, but are constructed to a very high standard and are very durable. We also offer US made sewn polyester flags which are more expensive and have a 6 months warranty.

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