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Flag Display Cases and Accessories - Flag Cases

Flag Display Cases and Accessories - Flag Cases

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Our flag cases and accessories are made from top manufactures including Sparacraft and our own brand. Our wooden display cases come in multiple finishes and are sold in several sizes to accommodate a variety of flags. We also sell engraved brass plaques, medals, service medallions and more. Order your favorite flag case and accessory to create a display you can be proud of and learn How to Fold the American Flag for your flag case.

Flag Display Cases and Accessories - Flag Cases

Flag Display Cases, Shadow Boxes, Frames, and Accessories

Whether a treasured memorial, a souvenir, or a family heirloom, your American or military flag deserves a proud and beautiful display case to frame it in. Handcrafted and made with the finest materials, most of the cases we sell at the United States Flag Store are made by our very own brand Super Tough out of our warehouse in New Stanton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

We carry an expansive range of display cases, shadow boxes, and accessories to honor and showcase your most cherished flags and possessions properly. From the outside of the case expertly crafted with locally sourced wood as is the case with most of our display case offerings from Super Tough to the front of the case being made of glass or plastic, you are sure to find a display case that fits your wants, needs and your budget. You can get the classic 3ft by 5ft display case or even shadow boxes that allow you to fill them with keepsakes and other relics to personalize them a little more. The accessories we offer include an array of service medallions, engraving plates, and pedestals, all potentially great additions to any case. 

Whether as a memento of military service, a burial flag, or simply to display your American patriotism, these cases provide a fitting and elegant incorporation. 

Folded American Flag 3x5

Our folded American Flag display cases for a 3ft by 5ft flag are made of solid wood and just so happen to be named after past Presidents of the United States.

Display cases like the Harrison and Wilson Folded Flag Display Cases are United States Flag Store and Online Stores exclusives and are available in three different finishes black cherry, cherry, and oak. They also include wall mounting hardware to get your flag up and on display in no time.

The Jefferson and Truman Folded Flag Display Cases come with a flattened bottom so you can easily set up your flag on any shelf. These are also only available at the United States Flag Store and Online Stores.

All of the display cases mentioned are manufactured right here in the United States. If you have been looking for a way to bring the Stars and Stripes indoors, this is a great way to do so.

The Shadow Box and Display Case for the Veteran

For the veteran who has military accolades, ribbons, medals, or other things they wish to present and put on view with their American flag, we have some wonderful flag display cases that double as a shadow box.

Cases like theLincoln Military Flag Display Case come in an oak finish and tempered 1/8th-inch glass with plenty of room to proudly display your patches, pins, and other military memorabilia. 

Flag and Certificate Case

To showcase your American or any other flag with a certificate, the United States Flag Store also has that too! The Washington Deluxe Flag and Certificate Case is a stunning piece handcrafted from solid oak with a clear finish. You get a spot for your 3ft by 5ft folded flag and an 8.5-inch by 11-inch certificate. It also features tempered glass and black felt behind it.

For those looking for something a little more economical, the Kennedy Cherry Flag and Certificate Case fits this bill wonderfully without sacrificing quality or charm. 

Memorial or Burial Flag Cases

We also carry memorial or burial flag cases made for 5ft by 9.5ft interment flags. These are made with the same quality and care as all of our other flag cases, just offered in a bigger size. These are a great way to display the flag of someone who served and is no longer here with pride, honor, and remembrance. 

Accessories We Offer

Make a Personalized Flag Case with an Engraving Plate

A great way to personalize a flag display case is by adding an engraving plate. We carry these on our Display Case Accessories page. Just find the right size and look you want, add what you want to be engraved and we'll do the rest.


We also include Flag Display Case Pedestals to place your cases on. Pedestals work well if you already have a display case and just want to jazz it up a bit. They also work great if you want to display your flag from a flat surface as opposed to a wall mount.

Service Medallions

Service medallions are an easy way to add a stunning piece to any display case. We carry service medallions for the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps. We even have the Great Seal of the United States which works great for any setup. Most of these items are made of solid brass with a lacquer and antiquated finish. These are also made right here in the U.S.A.

Additional military display items include bronze or aluminum-finished military grave markers that attach to a standard stick flagpole.

What to engrave on the flag case?

If your flag case is used to honor or in remembrance of someone, the first thing that most people have engraved is that person's name. You can also add on any significant dates such as birth, passing, and or years of active service. What position they held or branch of Military they served in is also another popular thing to have engraved on a flag case. Another great thing to put on a flag case is significant mottos, sayings, or quotes that meant a lot to the person or that they used throughout their life.

How to fold a flag for a flag case?

To learn how to fold a flag for a flag case, check out our article How to Fold the American Flag.

How to display a veteran's flag?

One of the best ways to display a veteran's flag is to display it in a folded flag case. You can choose to display it with a number of items that may have been significant to that person, such as accolades, medals, or any other memorabilia of stature.

How do you display a burial flag?

One of the most common ways people display a burial flag is by using a burial flag display case made for a folded 5ft by 9.5ft flag. It can also be used in conjunction with any badges, medals, or other accolades that were received by that person. By using a display case you can ensure that your flag is going to stay in good shape and always fit to showcase. Using a flag case and keeping this in the home with other personal artifacts is a great way to honor, celebrate, and remember a loved one.

It should be noted that the same flag etiquette is in effect for burial flags as is for the American flag. It should also be noted that some people even opt to display a burial flag on their flagpole on special days or holidays throughout the year. While this isn't the first choice for most people, we wanted to share our respect for you for choosing what is right for you and how you display a burial flag.

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