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Decorative Flags & Banners

Decorative Flags & Banners

Decorative Flags & Banners

Decorative flags & banners are a fantastic way to visually spice up your household whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter or any other occasion. Hanging decorative flags is a fun and easy way to create a unique display. We have a wide variety of decorative banners and decorative flags to choose from and are constantly building our inventory. You are welcome to browse our collection of decorative pieces in the above categories to find the perfect flag or banner for your household. We also have flag poles for you to display your new flag with pride.

Garden, Yard, Lawn, Porch and Outdoor Flags

Express yourself and interests with a plethora of garden and lawn flags to choose from. Home décor doesn't have to stop on the inside of your house, You can show your support for the brave men and women who serve and dedicate their lives to this country or share your favorite inspirational message. Ranging anywhere from nature and animals to uplifting messages and holiday greetings, you are sure to find find a wonderful piece of art that matches your personality. Turn your garden and yard into a showpiece that shares a little bit about yourself and what you stand for with your neighborhood. Maybe it will stir up a conversation!

Discount Decorative Flags

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What is the size of a garden flag?

Garden flags typically run 12 by 18 inches, but can vary by an inch or two. Some of the larger outdoor flags run approximately 28 by 40 inches.

How to store decorative flags?

You can store your decorative flags when the seasons change or just when the weather and outside conditions get a little turbulent by either using a clothes hanger or rolling it. Doing this will help you to avoid getting creases, which could wear the flag out. You usually want to hand wash them prior to this if you are going to be storing them for a while.

How to hang decorative flags?

There are many garden flag poles available specifically so you can show off your decorative flag to the world. In presenting any flag on display, in your house or outside, you want to be sure that it is not seen or perceived as backwards from an outside or visitor's perspective. This is especially important in regard's to the American flag, which must always be shown or hung in its proper manner with the stars and blue field on either the top left when hung horizontally or top right if hung vertically.