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Confederate Flags - Rebel Flag

Confederate Flags - Rebel Flag

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However, the one that most people associate with the South during the Civil Way and is the center of much debate and argument was the battle flag used by General Robert E. Lee's army.

You will find all of the Confederate flags at the United States Flag Store including the Confederate rebel flag as well as all three versions of the Confederate National flag. There are a variety of USA made Confederate flags to choose from that are made in either polyester or nylon. Several are designed specifically for indoor or outdoor use. Stick flag versions are also available as well as rebel flag car flags.

After the Civil War, the rebel flag faded from view. Even General Robert E. Lee distanced himself from it. The contentious flag wasn't even flown at Lee's funeral. It was devoid of any flags. The rebel flag began surfacing again during another tumultuous period in US history, the civil rights movement.

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