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Take the guesswork out of choosing the right flagpole. Just answer a few questions and we'll help you find the right pole.

Flagpole Options

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Flagpole Style

Traditional: These are commercial poles in heights ranging from 15ft to 130ft. Most of them are offered in four different finishes. Ship by freight.

Sectional: Our most popular, now with free shipping! These poles are commercial grade and quality in 20ft and 25ft heights and ship in 4 or 5 sections, instead of one piece.

Nautical: These poles are popular in coastal areas. They can fly three to four flags at once.

Wall Mount: These poles are mounted to the side of a building. They can be mounted vertically or at an angle. Poles mountad at an angle are known as outrigger poles.

Wall Mount Type

Outrigger poles are mounted at an angle on the side of a building. Vertical flagpoles are mounted vertically on the side of a building.

Flagpole Height

Choose the height that is right for you. Residential customers usually pick between 15ft and 25ft. Above 30ft is usually schools and businesses.

Flagpole Material

We offer poles in both commercial grade aluminum and fiberglass. Aluminum poles are available in multiple finishes and anodized which gives it a beautiful shine. Fiberglass poles are virtually maintenance free and are available in white finish only.


Halyard is the rope that holds your flag and attaches to the pole. External halyards have the rope that holds your flag on the outside of the pole and you after you raise or lower it you tie it off on a cleat that is attached to the pole. Internal halyards have the rope inside the pole and there is a locked access door with a winch to raise and lower it. This deters thieves and vandals.

Truck Type

The truck is the pulley at the top of your pole that help you to raise and lower your flag. Stationary trucks do not move, your flag will stay on the side that the pulley of the truck is on. Revolving trucks swivel with the wind and move the flag with it.

Truck Style

The way the halyard runs next to your pole is dependent on what style you get.

Traditional: the halyard is away from pole.

Inline: the halyard runs parallel with the pole.

Select your flagpole

Based on your selections we have provided a few poles that fit your needs. Click "go to page" to go to the product page to configure and order. When you return here your settings will still be saved.

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