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Confederate 3rd National Flag

Confederate 3rd National Flag

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The Confederate 3rd National Flag is available in several different sizes at United States Flag Store. Whether you want a miniature 4" x 6" stick flag, a 12" x 18" stick flag or a 3' x 5' Confederate 3rd National Flag in cotton, nylon or polyester, you can find it in stock and get it with fast shipping (usually 1-2 business days) with an order to United States Flag Store. The cotton flags are made of densely woven heavy fabric and are for indoor display only. The nylon flags are especially durable, are suited for flying outdoors, require low winds in order to fly and are resistant to color fading.

History of Confederate 3rd National Flag

Due to the fact that the 2nd National's pure white field could be mistaken for a flag surrender, on March 4, 1865 this last flag of the Confederacy was adopted. This design added a red bar to the end of the "Stainless" flag. This flag flew for thirty six days in 1865 until the south surrendered on April 9th.

We stock the Confederate 3rd National Flag in 3ft x 5ft sizes in US made nylon. The 100% cotton and single-ply polyester flags are made outside of the US and are excellent value.

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