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Confederate 2nd National Flag

Confederate 2nd National Flag

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Not more than a year after the adoption of the Stars and Bars the issue of designing a new flag for the Confederate States was raised with the intention to create a flag that was in no way similar to the Union's Stars and Stripes. Adopted on May 1, 1863 this flag displayed the Battle Flag in the canton on a field of pure white, giving it it's the "Stainless Banner". The white field is symbolic for the purity of the Cause which is reprsented. One of the first uses for this flag was to drape the coffin of General Thomas J. Jackson. "Stonewall" Jackson died on May 10, 1863 from pneumonia he contracted in the treatment of his injuries received on May 2nd. On May 12, his body lay in state in the Confederate House of Representatives, by order of the president, the first new flag manufactured dropped his coffin. This "Stainless Banner" is now on display in the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond.

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