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6ft x 10ft Nylon Christian Flag - 100% Made in the USA!

This outdoor Christian flag is perfect for those wanting to share their faith with the world. Featuring one of the oldest flag designs in history, this is one of the most recognizable flags out there. It is made out of a heavy-duty nylon, allowing it to stand the test of time. When your flag is in the thick of it, you want one that will be able to withstand all the natural outdoor elements mother nature can throw at it. This flag is also equipped with a strong canvas header and brass grommets for added durability. And while this flag can handle being outdoors, it looks just as great inside as well. This 6ft by 10ft Nylon Christian flag is proudly made in the United States.

Did you know? When displaying religious flags along with the American Flag, the American Flag takes precedence, except on rare and certain occasions. When a church is in session or during services a Christian flag may be flown over the United States flag, but only during that time. A Christian flag may also be seen above an American flag on naval ships at sea who are conducting their own church services.

For more information regarding this, see our Flag Etiquette article on Displaying the Flag with Other Flags

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Is There a Flag for Christianity? What Does the Christian Flag Look Like?

There is! In fact, the Christian flag is quite possibly one of the oldest flags in the world whose design has never altered. It has been adopted and flown by the United States Federal Council of Churches and Christian Churches for over 80 years and has been flown by congregations from many different Christian denominations. The Christian Flag is a white banner featuring a red Latin Cross centered in a blue canton.

Christian Flag History - Where Did the Christian Flag Originate?

The Christian Flag was designed by a Sunday School superintendent and his students. This had happened during an impromptu speech in which he had asked his students what a flag representing their faith might look like. The specific design we see today was created from his interpretations of their answers.

What Does the Christian Flag Represent and what do the colors stand for?

The colors on the Christian Flag symbolize three central aspects of the faith. According to Christian tradition the red represents the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the blue is the baptism water that represents Jesus Christ's faithfulness and devotion, while the white symbolizes Jesus Christ's purity and peace.

Where Can I Buy other sizes of Christian Flags, Banners, Garden Flags and Outdoor Religious Flags?

Look no further! The United States Flag Store has exactly what you are looking for quality, long lasting and beautiful flags made for every occasion! We carry Christian flags in many different sizes including the very popular 3ft by 5ft Nylon Flag, Car Flag and Handheld Stick Flag! We also carry Religious and Memorial Garden Flags that offer messages of hope, inspiration and comfort.

  • Top quality heavyweight nylon, excellent outdoor durability
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Flag is finished with a strong header and brass grommets
  • Suitable for the outdoors and looks fantastic indoors as well
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