Carson Summer Garden Flag - Better By the Water - 12.5in x 18in

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It's hard to be too crabby when you look at the Carson Summer Series garden flags. With their great use of colors and unique themes, they hit the nail on the feel of summer right on the head. Share with your friends and family this beach-themed summer garden flag and watch the smiles roll in. This flag features a blue crab scuttling across the dock with a net, some seashells, and sea stars along with the phrase, "Life is Better by the Water." Readable on both sides, so you can be sure your garden flag is always in sight. It is made with a dura soft fabric giving it not only a wonderful look but a soft feel as well. This garden flag measures 12.5 inches by 18 inches making it a perfect addition to any outdoor space. Turn your home into a beachside resort with the Carson Summer Garden Flag - Better by the Water.

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Garden Flag Stands and Poles

To display your new garden flag, we also have Garden Flag Stands and Poles too! Don't be left out in the cold with no way to show your new summer flags.

What are garden flags used for?

People like to use garden flags for a variety of different reasons. Some like to use them as a piece of art, adding vibrancy and color to their outdoor spaces and gardens. They can be used to offer support to your friends, family, and neighbors with positive messages. And if you want to just be festive with the changing seasons, garden flags are great for that too.

Where should I put my garden flag?

The most popular place where people like to put their garden flags is next to their gardens and on their lawns. You can put your garden flag just about anywhere though, so long as it is on your property. 

How to keep garden flag from flying off?

You can purchase little rubber stoppers that go on the end of the garden flagpole to keep your garden flag from flying off. 

Where to buy garden flags?

Right here at the United States Flag Store! While we may be known for our American flags, that doesn't mean we don't like to keep any other flags in our inventory. On the contrary, we have got a massive selection of flags to choose from and our garden flags are no exception.  Whether you need a new American flag or an Eagle Patriotic Garden Flag, the United States Flag Store has got you covered.

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  • Fantastic Summer Flag
  • Perfect for any outdoor seasonal décor
  • Durable and enhances the rich and vibrant color
  • Readable on both sides
  • Made with dura soft fabric
  • Measures 12.5" x 18"
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13.00 (in)
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12.5in x 18in
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Garden Flags
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