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Decorative Outdoor Summer Garden Flag for your House and Lawn 

Whether you are a summer enthusiast, beach bum, or weekend warrior, the Carson Summer Series brings the beach to you. Share your joy and excitement for the season and for time spent near the water with this lovely starfish garden flag. The Beachcomber Starfish Garden Flag centers on the phrase "Welcome to the Shore," with a floating, unsuspecting seastar underneath that in front of a seaweed and coral backdrop. This flag features a beautiful combination of lighter pastel blues and greens and is readable on both sides. Made with a dura soft fabric, this underwater/ deep sea inspired flag is wonderful to put up any time of year. Whether you are in the throws of warm weather or you simply just miss the heat and humidity in the air. The Carson Summer Banner Flag - Beachcomber Starfish measures 28 inches by 40 inches and will turn your yard or garden into a lake community retreat and make you feel like you are walking the beach, listening to the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore.  

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What are garden flags used for?

Garden flags can be used for a number of things. They can be used to bring more color and life to your outdoor space, to express yourself and show what you like and care about. Or you can use your garden flag to simply convey a positive message to your friends, family, and neighbors. They can even cheer you up on a gloomy day. 

Where should I put my garden flag?

You can put your garden flag where ever you would like to! So long as it is on your own property, mind you. A lot of people like to put their garden flags in their front or back yards or next to their gardens. 

How to keep your garden flag from flying off?

Most people will use little rubber stoppers at the end of their garden flagpoles. 

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Just for Fun

Starfish are marine invertebrates with a central disc for a "back." Most of the species have five arms, while some can have anywhere from 6 to 15.

While we may not think it, starfish are actually really sensitive to light, touch, and temperature. They can even sense which direction the water is flowing around them. 

Starfish or sea stars are often referred to as asteroids because they are a part of the Asteroidea class.

One of the oldest creatures on the planet, starfish have a fossil record that dates back to just around 450 million years ago. 

Asteroidea can be found in all the world's oceans ranging in not only temperature from tropical to frigid but also in depth from shallow to the abyssal deep.

The oldest recorded lifespan of a starfish is 34 years old.

  • Beach inspired flag
  • Perfect for any outdoor seasonal décor
  • Durable and enhances the rich and vibrant color
  • Readable on both sides
  • Made with dura soft fabric
  • Measures 28" x 40"
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