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British Royal Standard Flags

British Royal Standard Flags

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There is a second flag of Scotland, the "Rampant Lion", or Royal Flag of Scotland. It is an older Scottish flag than the St. Andrew's Cross and should be used only by the monarch. However, it is widely used as a second national flag.

The Rampant Lion flag flies over the offices of the Secretary of State for Scotland.

We stock the British Red Ensign flag in 4x6" and 12x18".

4 x 6 inch. Our small flags are of a higher quality than you can find anywhere! These flags have a hem at the pole end, which the pole slides through. The flags are nicely printed onto poly-cotton fabric with bright colors. They all are mounted on 10" black plastic sticks with gold spear tips.

Our 12" x 18" stick flags are nicely printed onto quality polyester fabric and sewn around the all edges. They have a sewn pole sleeve, which is use mounted them to a 24 inch stick with spear tip. These flags are suitable for use both outside and in.

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