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Bonnie Blue flag

Bonnie Blue flag

The Bonnie Blue Flag was the unofficial banner flag of the Confederate States of America during the start of the Civil War in 1861. The flag consists of a blue field with a single white 5-point star in the center. The flag is similar in appearance to the Republic of West Florida's flag of 1810.

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The first recorded use of this lone star flag dates to 1810. On September 11, 1810 a troop of West Florida dragoons set out for the provincial capitol at Baton Rouge under this flag. They were joined by other republican forces and captured Baton Rouge, imprisoned the Governor and on September 23, 1810 raised their Bonnie Blue flag over the Fort of Baton Rouge. Three days later the president of the West Florida Convention, signed a Declaration of Independence and the flag became the emblem of a new republic. By December 10, the flag of the United States replaced the Bonnie Blue after President Madison issued a proclamation declaring West Florida under jurisdiction of the Governor of the Louisiana Territory. With this rebellion in mind, this flag was used by the Republic of Texas from 1836 to 1839.

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Civil War-era historians know the Bonnie Blue as a flag flown in Mississippi after the state seceded from the Union, inspiring the Confederacy-era song "The Bonnie Blue Flag." However, the Confederate flag with a single star against a deep blue background was first flown to represent the Republic of West Florida in 1810. The flag, which also became known as the Lone Star Flag, was later flown in Texas. The single-star design was eventually incorporated into the Texas flag design in what is still popularly called the Lone Star State.

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