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Bisexual Flags

Bisexual Flags

Bi Pride Flag

Michael Page created the Bisexual pride flag in 1998, the meaning behind the design of flag is the following the horizontal pink stripe represents attraction to the same sex, gender, plus similar genders, the horizontal blue stripe represents attractions to opposite sex, and genders, and the horizontal purple stripe represents attraction regardless of sex or gender. Celebrate bisexuality with a bisexual pride flag, perfect for pride parades, home decor, and more!

Mini bi flag

The bi pride flag acts as a symbol of representation for the bisexual community. The vibrant colors in every flag are a sign of acceptance and representation. Show your support to the bisexual community with your own symbol of acceptance. Shop here to find bisexual flags of all sizes as well as mini bisexual flags!

What does the Bi flag look like? Bi Sexuality Flag Colors and Meaning

What do the colors on the bi flag mean?

The bisexual pride flag is made up of three horizontal stripes; a pink stripe, blue stripe, and a purple stripe. The blue and pink stripe both on the outer sides of the flag and are larger than the center purple stripe. The stripes meanings are as follows blue for attraction to opposite genders, pink for attraction to the same gender, and lastly purple for attraction to people regardless of sex.

What is the symbol for being bisexual?

Flags have been a symbol of representation for many people, groups, clubs, and other communities, for the bisexual community they also have a flag that acts as a symbol. The colors in the bisexual flag are a recognizable symbol that spreads awareness and promotes visibility to the community. Support bi people this pride season and buy your own vibrant colored bisexual flag!

Queer flag

A flag that represents the LGBTQ+ community as a whole and is a symbol for all the identities and orientations under the umbrella is the rainbow flag or the more recent progress pride flag.

What do each of the colors of the pride flag mean?

In the original rainbow flag created by Gilbert Baker, the colors meant the following:

Pink for sexuality

Red for life

Orange for healing

Yellow for the sun

Green for nature

urquoise for art

Indigo for harmony

Violet for the soul