Bahamas flag 4 x 6 inch

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Bahamas flag 4 x 6 inch

The perfect flag to take with you on the go to the next Bahama-themed party, parade, or celebration. Made from polyester and always with individually sewn edges, the Bahamas 4-inch by 6-inch Polyester Flag is the ideal choice to decorate your desk at home, or in the office. You can even hand them out at big gatherings. Whether you are a native of the island chain or simply want to show your pride for the popular and beautiful commonwealth, these flags will do just that for you. They are made with vibrant colors and are offered at an affordable price. Our very own Super Tough backs these flags up, so you know you are getting some excellent quality. These flags come mounted on a 10-inch plastic stick and are imported.

    Bahamas Flag 3ft  x 5ft Nylon

    The Bahamas 3ft by 5ft Nylon Flag is the ideal choice for our customers who want to wave it from a 15 to 25ft tall flagpole. You can showcase your pride and love for the archipelago of over 700 islands at home or in front of your business. We even offer the option to add a pole hem or gold fringe to spice it up and make it a premier indoor flag. These flags are made right here in the United States.

    The Big, Bad, Bahama Behemoth

    For our bigger, commercial customers who have the flagpole real estate, our Bahamas 6ft by 10ft Nylon Flag is the flag for you. We keep all the bright and vivid colors and quality while putting it on a beast of a flag. These are a great choice when looking to put a flag up next to your business, restaurant, or other commercial lot whether you are on or off the islands. The Bahamas 6ft by 10ft Nylon Flag is made by Super Tough right here in the U.S.A.

    Other Flags of the World and International Flags

    Our full selection of our Flags of the World and International Flags has over 230 different flags from commonwealths, providences, and independent nations. Whatever you can think of, we keep it in stock. These work great for history and government classes and for celebrations, parties, and special holidays around significant days within these countries' timelines.

    History of the Islands of the Bahamas, Country, and Flag; From Colony to British Rule and Independence, Coat of Arms and Other Symbols

    We also cover the History of the Bahamas on our Bahamas Flag Landing Page. We go into extensive detail about the history of the Bahamas from its humble beginnings as a set of native islands to British rule, piracy, and its eventual independence. We also cover the country's Coat of Arms, what is on it, and why, as well as their national symbols.

    What does the Bahamas flag stand for? The Black Triangle, Colors and Meaning

    The colors on the Bahamas flag go as follows the aquamarine stripes being representative of the ocean, the gold stripe for the beaches and sunlight, and the black tringle for the people of the Bahamas.

    Did the Bahamas change their flag?

    The official flag of the Bahamas has remained the same since July 10, 1973.

    What was the old flag of the Bahamas?

    The flag of Great Britain, otherwise known as the Union Jack was the old flag of the Bahamas.

    What is Forward Onward Upward Together?

    Forward, onward, upward together is the motto of the Bahamas and her people. It stands for the positive direction that all Bahamians should strive to go in.

    What is the red flag with a white cross in the Bahamas flag?

    The flag with the official Bahamas flag in the upper left corner on a red background with a white cross is known as the civil ensign of the Bahamas. This is used by civilians while they are on the water.

    • Made from Polyester
    • Mounted on a 10 inch Plastic Stick
    • Individually Sewn Edges
    • Size: 4" x 6"
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    Country Of Origin:
    Printed Polyester
    4in x 6in
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