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Official Bahamas flag 3ft x 5ft Nylon, Bright and Vivid Colors

The classic 3ft by 5ft flag is the premier choice for anyone looking to showcase the official flag of the Bahamas on their 15 to 25ft flagpole outdoors. Our printed nylon is made to withstand fading and fraying and is an all-around "all-weather flag." Meaning that no matter what the weather is outside, rain or shine, you can count on your Bahamas 3ft by 5ft Nylon Flag to wave proud. It features a strong canvas header for extra durability and brass grommets for ease of use. You can fly your new nylon flag in little wind ensuring that you will be able to see it waving back at you most times of the day. Whether you are located or are a native of the island chain, the Super Tough Bahamas 3ft by 5ft Nylon Flag would make a lovely sight to see. This flag is proudly made in the United States.

You can use this flag both indoors and outdoors. To spruce it up even more for indoor use, consider adding a pole hem or fringe to this flag.

Please note: that this will require extra time to complete (7-14 business days) but is a great addition if you plan on displaying your flag indoors. Flags with an added pole hem or pole hem & fringe are nonrefundable and nonreturnable.

The Big, Bad, Bahama Behemoth

For the customer that wants to make a statement with their flag, the Bahamas 6ft by 10ft Nylon Flag is for you. Coming in with an eye-catching and staggering size, this flag is ideal for a big flagpole. This makes it a great choice when looking to put a flag up next to your business, restaurant, or other commercial lot. The Bahamas 6ft by 10ft Nylon Flag is made by Super Tough with bright and vivid colors and is made right here in the U.S.A.

Bahamas Stick Flag

And if you are looking for the pocket-sized version of the Bahamas, we have those in stock too. Our 4-inch by 6-inch stick flags make a wonderful addition to the home or office and make a great accessory when going out to a Bahama-themed parade, party, or celebration.

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History of the Islands of the Bahamas, Country; From Colony to British Rule and Independence, Coat of Arms, National Symbols and Flag Meaning, why does it have a black triangle, what does that mean?

We cover the History of the Bahamas, on our Bahamas Flag Landing Page, including its colonization and transition from British rule to its independence as a premier tourist hot spot and as a successful industry for offshore banking and finances. You'll read about the Lucayan people, the original inhabitants of the island chain, the Elutherian Adventurers to pirates, and the Coat of Arms of the country. We also cover the flag's meaning and why it has a black triangle.

Does the Bahamas have two flags? It does have a couple ensigns

There is one national flag in the Bahamas, although there are 3 other flags used for different situations. A civil ensign flag is used for civilians on the water, a naval ensign is used for the country's navy, and a state ensign for government ships. Each of these has the flag of the Bahamas in the upper left corner with different colors for their background and cross.

Did the Bahamas change their flag?

The Bahamas have not changed their flag since July 10, 1973.

What was the old flag of the Bahamas?

The Union Jack or the national flag of Great Britain was the old flag of the Bahamas.

  • Bahamas Flag
  • Made of Nylon
  • Size: 3 x 5 feet
  • Made in the USA
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United States
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