Architectural Series 25 ft. Satin Pole - EC25

Made in the USA
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Architectural Series 25 ft. Satin Pole - EC25

The Architectural Series 25ft Flagpole is an impressive piece of commercial flagpole technology from our very own brand, Super Tough. This is a storm rated flagpole and made to stand proud and tall even if the weather happens to get rough where you are. It comes shipped in one piece of aluminum alloy and has a classic tapered design with a massive 6 inches at the bottom and 3 and a half inches for the top diameter. With an interior wall thickness measuring 0.188 of an inch, you can be sure once installed, this flagpole isn't going anywhere. This flagpole has a revolving truck and an external halyard set up along with a spun aluminum collar for the bottom and an anodized gold finial ball for the top. You get all the accessories and items you need to get your flag in the air including nickel plated flag snaps, cast aluminum cleat with mounting screws, galvanized steel foundation sleeve and a 50ft braided polypropylene halyard rope. You do get a choice for an optional shoe base, but this will need to be installed with and when the cement is and will take away from the overall windspeed rating. This flagpole is available in four different finishes including satin and anodized black, bronze and clear. The Architectural Series 25ft Flagpole is proudly made in the Untied States, comes with a 5 year warranty and is ready to overlook any home, business or school that may have to deal with tropical storms or higher winds than most other places. 

This flagpole has a flagged windspeed rated at 120 miles per hour and an unflagged windspeed of 250 miles per hour.

Please Note: This flagpole ships with a galvanized steel foundation sleeve and will require it to be installed with cement upon installation. Expert and or professional assistance may be required with the installation of this flagpole. 

Satin finish is going to be the default color of this flagpole, but it is also available in anodized finishes including black, bronze and clear for an upcharge. Flagpoles with an anodized finish will fair better against oxidation and will only need to be cleaned with soap and water. Flagpoles with a satin finish may require harder cleaners and agents to keep well. 

Anodized flagpoles are made to order and may take longer to ship.

Standard Accessories:

  • Vinyl Snap Cover
  • Spun Aluminum Flash Collar
  • Nickel Plated Swivel Flag Snaps
  • Galvanized Steel Foundation Sleeve
  • Gold Anodized Aluminum Ornament
  • 50ft Solid Braided Polypropylene Halyard
  • Cast Aluminum Revolving Truck with Pulley
  • Cast Aluminum Cleat with Mounting Screws

Our commercial poles ship by truck and our shipping calculator is not able to accurately calculate the cost. Click for more information about buying a commercial grade flagpole.

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What is the difference between a commercial and residential flag pole?

Commercial and residential flagpoles see their differences primarily in their build, design and materials used. Commercial flagpoles tend to be made thicker, come in one piece and feature a tapered design. Residential flagpoles on the other hand are generally thinner and come in sections that stay the same width throughout.

What are commercial flagpoles made of?

Commercial flagpoles are made with what is known simply as commercial grade aluminum, metals and other alloys. This grade of aluminum and metals is a little more stronger and durable than that of residential grade aluminum and metals. 

How tall is a commercial flagpole?

Commercial flagpoles can be anywhere from 20 to 130ft tall. 

How much does a commercial flagpole cost?

The price on commercial flagpoles is going to be dependent on the brand, market, supply and demand as well as where it was made. 

  • External halyard
  • Revolving truck
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in four beautiful finishes
  • Manufacturer provides five year warranty (more details)
  • Includes all the accessories and fittings you will need
  • This item will ship using a freight carrier due to weight/size. This item will not ship UPS or USPS

Choice of OPTIONAL shoe base available.
PLEASE NOTE: Shoe bases come welded to the pole and require the anchor bolts to be set in a cement pad. Also, it decreases the overall windspeed rating of the pole.

Country Of Origin:
United States
Butt Diameter:
Exposed Height:
Flagged Windspeed:
120 MPH
Overall Height:
Top Diameter:
Unflagged Windspeed:
250 mph
Wall Thickness:
External Halyard
Revolving Truck
Product Type:
Black Anodized
Clear Anodized
Bronze Anodized
CPEC25S|pdf|Flagpole Diagram
Aluminum Flagpole Installation Instructions-2017|pdf|Installation Instructions
Right Overlay Image:
Wind Speed Rating Storm.png
Left Overlay Image:
Made in the USA.png

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