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The Outdoor Residential Spinning Flagpole Kit for your House and Home

Super Tough is no stranger to offering products that live up to their name for a quality price and this kit is no exception. Coming with everything you need to get your American flag up in the air and on your front porch in no time. This flagpole kit comes with an adjustable aluminum bracket to make mounting even easier. For this particular flagpole kit, you get to play a little bit of mix and match with your flag and flagpole so you can get what you really want.

To start it off, you have your choice of American flag, these are between a US made nylon American flag and an imported polyester American flag. Both are great choices; it just depends on what you want to go for. For the US made nylon American flag, you are going to get some luxurious quality specs that include strong sewn stripes and embroidered stars, both of which are going to not only work well for its durability in the outdoor elements, but also look great doing it. The imported polyester flag also has sewn stripes and embroidered stars with its biggest difference being the material it is made of. Polyester is also a really durable material and up to the task of keeping those stars and stripes waving 24/7.

Next, you will choose the pole you want in this flagpole kit: a 6ft tangle-free spinner pole in your choice of black, white, silver or bronze, a beautiful 5ft one-pieced varnished hardwood flagpole in a natural finish with an eagle pole topper, a durable white 5' fiberglass pole, or a durable white 6' fiberglass pole. The fiberglass poles are fitted with a 2" clear-lacquered wooden ball ornament.

The aluminum brackets will correspond with the color of the flagpole ordered.

The wood and fiberglass kits include a set of rotating flag mounting rings. These rings are designed for flags with grommets, and they function with an anti-wrap feature which allows your flag to turn independently of the pole. With this, you won't have a tangled flag, which increases its lifespan! The spinner poles come with a set of fixed rings because the upper part of the pole spins preventing furling. All poles have a 1" diameter.

Please be sure to select the American flag and flagpole of your choice!

Please note: Recommended maximum flag size for this flagpole is 3ft x 5ft.

Looking for more American Made Flagpole Kits?

We try to keep as many American made products on hand as we can, after all, we are the United States Flag Store. With that in mind, be sure to check out these other great products that are made right here in the United States.

The American Banner Flagpole Kit is just the classic flagpole by Super Tough you would hope to see the stars and stripes waving from on the side of a building walking down a street in NYC or any other city street for that matter. You get your choice of 5 or 6ft fiberglass or a lovely, varnished hardwood, these both come with a ball topper and even your choice of American flag, a 2.5ft by 4ft and the old standby, a 3ft by 5ft. For the value on this, you are not going to find a much better product.

Our friends in Valley Forge also offer us a quality US made 6ft Residential Flagpole Kit that come with a 3ft by 5ft American flag. Coming with everything you need from the get-go and being sold at a low price; this flagpole proves that you don't need to sell for too much to offer a whole lot.

Also check out our In Ground Flagpoles for Outside in your Front Yard

To keep things within the economical range as far as residential in ground flagpoles go, the Super Tough Heavy Duty 20ft Residential flagpole with US made nylon flag is just the ticket. This particular pole comes with all the accessories and pieces you need to get Old Glory up and waving in the air from your front yard including the flag! You get your choice of either a 3ft by 5ft or 4ft by 6ft nylon American flag, both made in the United States with sewn stripes and embroidered stars. Coming in at 20ft tall once installed, this flagpole requires no expert assistance in its assembly and is made with sturdy anodized aluminum that comes in sections. For Super Tough quality at a great price, it's hard to pass up this Heavy Duty 20ft Residential Flagpole that comes with a US made nylon American flag.

Didn't find what you are looking for?

At the United States Flag Store, we strive to do our best to make sure you get the products you really want. So please don't hesitate to ask if there is something you need and just aren't finding or if you have any product suggestions that you would like to see.

  • Spinner poles have fixed rings
  • Hassle free assembly, up in a matter of minutes
  • Comes with an adjustable aluminum bracket for mounting
  • Your choice of the tangle-free spinner, varnished hardwood, or fiberglass pole
  • Wood and fiberglass poles are US made, spinner poles & brackets are made in China
  • Hardwood and fiberglass kits include rotating flag rings to stop flags from tangling around pole
  • Beautiful and durable 3ft x 5ft US Made Super Tough nylon flag with embroidered stars & sewn stripes
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