Valley Forge Perma-Nyl 3ft x 5ft Nylon American Flag

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3x5 ft American Flag from Valley Forge

Valley Forge is one of the leading suppliers of American flags in the United States and have been a long-standing supplier of flags to the Federal Government. The American Flag 3 ft x 5 ft Sewn Nylon by Valley Forge Flag is made of a wonderful sewn nylon that is durable, vibrant and is one of our most popular sizes and choices for an outdoor flag. Sewn nylon allows for this flag to fly majestically through the air with only a light breeze and low wind. This ensures that you will get to see Old Glory in all 'er glory in most residential and commercial areas that don't typically get too much wind. Featuring sewn stripes increases the longevity of this flag and keeps it resistant to fading and fraying. Couple this with sewn nylon which holds its own against moisture and exposure to the sun, you got a powerhouse of a flag that is made for outdoor use and to be right at home just outside of yours. These flags look great indoors as well and have embroidered stars that are an eye-catching delight. The American Flag 3 ft x 5 ft Sewn Nylon by Valley Forge Flag also has brass grommets and a strong header to keep your flag waving from your flagpole for many seasons to come.

The United States Flag Store is proud to offer such a great patriotic product that is made right here in the United States. We strive to be as clear as we can be when you are letting you the consumer know exactly where each of our flags come from. To see where a particular flag is made, you simply look at the upper left corner of the main photo icon or check the additional information option of the product if you are not sure.


  • Made of the finest nylon fabric, which resists fading or fraying.
  • They are specifically manufactured for outdoor use.
  • Beautifully constructed with sewn stripes & embroidered stars!
  • Brass grommets attached to heavy canvas pole end
  • Combines lustrous beauty with superior wearing quality and excellent fly ability.
  • 100% American made

See our Comparison table of prices, flag durability and appearance.

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Attention: If you live in a windy area and fly the flag 24/7, you should also consider our super tough spun Polyester American Flags. This fabric is even more durable but is heavier and requires more wind to "fly." We suggest the nylon for most situations, but the polyester is better for areas that are very windy.

Check out our nylon flags with a pole sleeve rather than grommets.

What is the difference between a nylon flag and a polyester flag?

The main difference between a nylon flag and a polyester flag comes down to material, use and price, however, there are two types of polyester that we sell. The first is printed polyester, the more fiscal option but less durable than sewn polyester which is pricier, but is extremely strong and durable. Nylon flags are made of a lighter material than printed and sewn polyester which are typically made for outdoor use, to where printed polyester flags are a lighter, more economic choice fit for indoor and limited use. Sewn polyester on the other hand is very much made for outdoor use and is one of the heaviest and rugged flags we have. Sewn polyester is made for outdoor use yet will require more wind to properly "fly." All have their benefits and will really just come down to preference, price and planned use for the flag.

Is polyester or nylon better for an American flag?

Printed or sewn polyester and nylon have their merits for being used as the American flag. Nylon flags will fly with less wind, have a softer feel and look to them, they are primarily used as an outdoor flag, although can be used indoors as well. Printed polyester Flags cost less and are a smoother fabric, they are the classic choice for an indoor flag. Sewn polyester is the heaviest of these other flags and is probably one of the most durable flags made for outdoor use. Sewn polyester will require more wind to "fly," to where nylon requires very little. All are great options and will come down to price, preference and where the flag is going to be.

Which lasts longer nylon or polyester flag?

Nylon, printed and sewn polyester flags will differ as far as how long they last and what situations each will do well in. That being said, if each of the corresponding fabric is used for its intended purpose, you should get a decent amount of use out of each of them. Nylon flags are our most popular choice for an outdoor flag and will last outside as the material itself is faster drying than its printed polyester counterpart and has some good resiliency against the sun, however, a printed polyester flag is made for shorter, indoor and outdoor use. Then you have sewn polyester, which is the most expensive option, but you get one of the more durable materials on the market, made specifically to fly outdoors 24/7. Sewn polyester will last longer than a nylon flag outdoors and nylon will last longer than a printed polyester flag outdoors.

  • Beautiful embroidered stars and sewn stripes
  • Resistant to fading and fraying
  • 100% Made in the USA of Dupont Solarmax nylon fabric
  • 4 rows of stitching on fly end, strong brass grommets
  • Looks great and flies well in low wind
  • Made for outdoor use, also looks great indoors
  • Made by Valley Forge Flag Co, long standing flag supplier to Federal Government
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United States
Sewn Nylon
3ft x 5ft
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Nylon Flags
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