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All the Flags We Sell at the United States Flag Store

While the iconic red, white, and blue may be one of our favorite flags at the United States Flag Store, that doesn't mean we don't offer a whole heck of a lot more. We are one of the world's largest online flag vendors and we have the inventory to prove it. You won't find a more extensive collection all under one roof and coming from one warehouse anywhere else. Not only that, we make sure that all of our flags are of the utmost quality with durability and longevity in mind. The majority of the flags offered come from our very own brand, Super Tough and we get to oversee these flags from start to finish. And let me tell you, these flags really do earn their stars and stripes for being just that, super tough. Have a look for yourself and find your next flag or flags today.

Made in the USA

At the United States Flag Store, we strive to always be upfront with what we are selling, that's why you will always know if a product you are looking to purchase is made in the U.S.A. All of our American-made items have a "Made in the USA," badge on the upper left corner of the product image and if you are so inclined to check further, you can do so by clicking on the additional information tab on the product page. And if all else fails, feel free to ask us.

Materials We use in our Flags

Just as important as the flags we carry is the material our flags are made of. This is going to vary from product to product regarding what is available at any given time, but each material is going to offer you its own unique properties and attributes.

  • Nylon Flags- These flags work fantastically as an outdoor flag, thanks to their durability, lightweight, and value. It doesn't take too much wind to see them flutter in the wind, they possess vivid colors and are affordable.
  • Polyester and Printed Polyester Flags-The most economical choice of flags we carry at the United States Flag Store, Polyester and Printed Polyester flags are used mostly as indoor flags. They can be used outdoors, but may not last as long as other materials. These flags are an inexpensive and sensible option for someone just wanting to get a flag up and waving in little time for little money.
  • Super Knit Polyester-This material toes the line between nylon and polyester. These flags have the benefits of nylon with weight and its ability to fly well but are available around the price point of polyester. They last four times as long as standard polyester and will have you waving goodbye to high prices in no time.
  • Sewn Polyester- Sewn Polyester flags are designed to fly in high-wind areas and are not only the heaviest but also one of the most expensive flag types we carry. They are a fantastic choice if you plan on flying your flag 24/7 and are the most durable and longest-lasting of all the flag types. Sewn Polyester is a heavier material and will require more wind in order to see it, "fly."

What Kinds of Flag we Carry

With thousands of flags in our books, you can find just about any famous flag you can think of. From using them as an outdoor application on your flagpole to taking them with you on the go in the form of stick flags and car flags to recreational use on your boat, we got 'em.

American Flags

Now, I know you may already know that we carry American flags, but this wouldn't be much of a write-up if I didn't mention them. Hands down they are our most popular seller at the United States Flag Store, we have a ton of different options for the American flag. You can get Old Glory from a handful of other companies and fabrics, as well as a plethora of sizes to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.

POW/ MIA Flags

Just as iconic in recent years as the American flag, the POW/ MIA flag has made its presence known, and for good reason. These are a solemn reminder to the hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters who have yet to make it home. The POW/ MIA flags evoke a strong emotional response and are an excellent way to show your support for our fellow Americans. To read up more on the POW/ MIA flag, be sure to check out our landing page. We cover the history of the flag, its inception, and its design.

Military and Public Service Flags

Another way to show your support for the brave men and women in our military is by waving your very Military and Public Service Flag. We have got an array of these in stock that range from stick flags to some of the larger 6ft x 8ft sized flags. The United States Military Branches we have are the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps., Coast Guard, and even the newly formed Space Force.

State and U.S. Territories Flags

The United States is a big place and its reach goes beyond just our coastlines on the North American continent. So no matter where you are from or where your heart lies and you want to show some pride, we have got the flag for you. All 50 of the United States from Alabama to Wyoming and a handful of U.S. territories which includes, Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, the Virgin Islands, and the Northern Marianas.

Flags of the World, Our collection of Country and International Flags

And speaking of far-reaching, how does the rest of the world sound? We have got a huge selection in our Flags of the World category with international flags from over 230 independent nations. If it's on the world map, we more than likely have a flag for it.

Historical Flags

Are you a history buff? Is there an old-school flag that you would just love to collect? Well, we got those too! Whether you are looking for the famous Betsy Ross flag or the Grand Union flag, the United States Flag Store keeps them in stock in our Historical Flags section. Did you want to learn a little more about the history of the American flag? From its early days to the most recent iteration, we got it covered in our article on the History of the American flag

Stick Flags

No party is complete without a stick flag or two or twelve. The classic little flag you can take with you on the go. You can hand them out at parties, parades, and other special events. Stick flags are great to bust out around the big American holidays such as Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Veteran's Day, and Labor Day. They even look fantastic on your desk at home or in the office year-round.


There are a lot of things we take pride in at the United States Flag Store and the Pride flag is definitely one of them. Show your community you care about the inclusiveness of everyone and that you support their decision to be who they are. I can't think of a better expression of freedom than to love and spend your time with whomever you want.

Garden Flags

If your yard needs a little sprucing up, we'll help you with that, just don't ask us to rake. We got some Garden Flags that are sure to put a smile on your face. From the many nature-themed garden flags to a simple message that simply reads, "Welcome." Also, be sure to check out our Military and Public Service Garden Flags, these make a welcomed addition to any outside space.

Pirate and Jolly Roger Flags

Yarrr, the Jolly Roger flag is the go-to Pirate flag for many of our customers. You can embrace your lust for rebelliousness and rabble-rousing, raucousness by hoisting one of these on the mainsail, matey.

Boat and Nautical Flags

And for the more traditional approach to your recreational water activities, check out our Boat and Nautical Flags. Here you'll find the American flag, the U.S. Yacht Club flag, and the U.S. Navy Jack, all beautiful and classic in their own regard.

Holiday and Seasonal

No matter what time of year it is, you can be sure that there is a holiday just waiting around the corner. With our Holiday and Seasonal Garden flags, you can always be prepared and festive around these times.

Small Flags, Car and Motorcycle Flags

To take Old Glory with you on the go, we have got Car and Motorcycle flags made specifically to fly with you. And you can find more than just the American flag, we also have the Texas flag, POW/ MIA flag, and a handful of military branch car and motorcycle flags for the United States Army, Navy, and Coast Guard. Whether you are looking to ride cross-country or just skirt across town for some ice cream and a movie, these flags will look awesome.

Religious Flags

And regardless of what denomination you are or what your beliefs are, we want you to share that with the world. The United States Flag Store has a nice little selection of Religious flags. From the classic Christian flag to the Israel flag, the Vatican City flag, and the Buddhist flag, We even carry the Presbyterian and United Methodist Church flags.

Political Flags

I know, I know, the two things you are not supposed to talk about with your friends, religion, and politics, but we want you to know we support you no matter what as long as you are a good person and aren't hurting others or infringing on anyone else's rights, freedoms or life. Whether you identify as a Democrat or Republican, the United States Fag Store has aPolitical flag and or a pin for you.

Message and Advertising

Are you struggling to get the word out about your business? Well then take a look at some of our Message and Advertising flags. Let your customers know you are open for business and ready to serve them. You can even showcase what you are specializing in, whether you are into selling cars or food.


Even after all the flags we carry, there still might not be one that we don't have in stock, your Custom Flag! We can print you up your very own custom flag with whatever design you would like. It's as simple as uploading an image, picking a style, and letting us do the rest. We can even make custom stick flags, lapel pins, banners, and tablecloths.

How many flags exist?

While there is no set count for the "total," number of flags, recent estimates put the total world flag count anywhere from 194 to over 250.

Which flags are red, white, and blue?

The colors red, white, and blue are some of the most popular color combinations to be used on world and state flags. The countries of France, Great Britain, Russia, Cuba, Chile, Croatia, the Netherlands, Panama, and the United States all share the colors red, white, and blue. Texas, Maryland, New York, and Massachusetts all have these colors as well.

When's Flag Day?

Flag Day falls on June 14th every year.

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