About our Flagpoles

About Our Flagpoles

Our aluminum flagpoles are made from an extrusion aluminum alloy that is heat treated and annealed for strength. They are comprised of at least 97.45% aluminum, and are annealed, or strengthened and made less brittle, at a temperature of 775 degrees, and then allowed to cool at 50 degrees per hour. The type of aluminum alloy used is 6063, which is then heated at 350 degrees for 8 hours, giving it a temper value of T6, which is the highest heat treated value. This process ensures strength, durability, and hardness. This aluminum alloy 6063 with a T6 temper allows for a wide installation application. While direct burial into the ground is not recommended due to corrosion factors, our general installation graphics of tampered sand inside of the ground sleeve, surrounded by cement at varying pounds per square inch, are well within design results.

Please be aware, that although all of our aluminum flagpoles are made of this extruded aluminum alloy, they are made to varying degrees of thickness, thereby making some of our flagpoles much more resistant to external forces such as wind, corrosion and rain. For those customers residing in coastal areas, or those living in tornado prone areas, a thicker, sturdier flagpole should be chosen, while customers living in a relatively calm wind environment will have more flexible options when selecting a flagpole.

Shipping, Return, and Warranty Information for Commercial Flagpoles

Our commercial poles ship by truck and our shipping calculator is not able to accurately calculate the cost. Click for more information about buying a commercial grade flagpole.


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