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Flagpole Stand Kit and Base with Oak Finish for Office and Classroom

The perfect display kit for the flag enthusiast or the classroom. This 7-foot Oak Finish Indoor Flagpole Set by Valley Forge comes with everything you need to showcase your American flag with pride, whether in your home, office or the classroom. This set comes with a 3ft x 5ft gold fringed US made nylon flag with sewn stripes and embroidered stars that looks beautiful anywhere you put it. This set also includes a weighted floor stand and a 7-inch plastic bald eagle topper to add that extra bit of class and flare. The flagpole comes in two pieces, includes a brass screw joint and is topped off with a lovely oak finish. Gold rope tassels add to the visual appeal of this display kit making it a welcomed addition to any indoor presentation set.

This particular 7-foot Oak Finish Indoor Flagpole Set is from one of our partner companies, Valley Forge. The flag is made in the USA but some other parts may be imported . For our own brand Super Tough, check out this indoor flagpole set we have here.

If treated well, these flagpole kits will last you for many years to come ensuring that every day is flag day.

Where should a flagpole be placed in a house?

This comes down to personal preference as to where your flagpole should be placed indoors. It should be noted however that flag etiquette still holds true when displaying Old Glory inside your home. You want to be sure that it is in its place without being construed by anything else. This just means in a respectful spot, not in the bathroom and probably not in an unused dingy basement or closet. You want to make sure your indoor flag and flagpole set is not touching anything else, items above, below or to the side of it. And to especially make sure your flag is not touching the ground. So long as you are keeping in mind that the American flag is a well-known and respected symbol, most spots are suitable within your home. If you are displaying multiple flags in your home, be sure to keep the American flag furthest left compared to your other flags from the visitor's perspective. This gives the American flag its proper place in accordance with flag etiquette. To read more about Flag Etiquette.

How do you attach a flag to an indoor pole?

For most of our indoor poles, flags that come with or are supposed to come with it generally have what is called a pole sleeve. All you have to do to attach the flag to that is slide the flag over top of the pole until it is all the way on there. Then there is a leather tab at the top which you can screw into the pole or attach at the top of the pole to hold the flag in place.

How tall is an indoor flagpole?

The majority of the indoor flagpoles we have here at The United States Flag Store will range anywhere from 6 feet to 9 feet tall.

What can I use instead of a flagpole?

The United States Flag Store has some other accessories you can use to display your flag indoors. We have got an abundance of Flag and Medal Display Cases that are made right here in the U.S.A. that will fit the bill just wonderfully.

  • Comes with a 3ft x 5ft fringed nylon American flag - 100% made in USA
  • Beautiful embroidered stars and sewn stripes
  • Gorgeous oak finish 2 piece 7ft pole with brass screw joint
  • 7in plastic eagle topper, gold cord & tassels, and gold weighted stand
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