Super Tough 6ft Spinner Flagpole - White Aluminum

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6ft Spinner Flagpole

The Super Tough 6ft White Aluminum Spinner Flagpole was designed to keep your flag from tangling up and flying how it is supposed to, straight and true. This piece of engineering marvel comes with a two-piece aluminum pole available in your choice of black, bronze, silver or white. Included with this its ball bearing mounted joint and gold ball topper. Attaching your flag to this spinner flagpole has never been easier, with EZ clips made to make it a breeze. This particular model is imported and does not come with a flag, so be sure to check out those individually! This spinner flagpole holds banner flags and 3ft by 5ft flags like a pro.

For Spinner Flagpole Kits and Set that include the Flag and Rings

And if you are looking to just knock both the spinner flagpole and flag out of the way at once with one order, we have got an option for that in stock too! Our Super Tough Nylon Kit offers all the benefits of a spinner flagpole with a couple extra bonuses making it a great choice if you are in the market. Including the spinner pole with fixed rings, you now have your choice of 5 or 6ft and between classic fiberglass and beautiful varnished hardwood finishes. You also get your choice of American flags with this one, a nylon flag made in the United States, or a polyester American flag imported. This comes with everything you need to get your flag up and waving from your front porch.

What is a spinner flag pole?

A spinner flagpole is a type of flagpole made to allow whatever flag it is flying the freedom to fly with the wind without any hinderance. With the spinners that are attached to the flagpole, this allows your flag to move freely with no worries of your flag getting tangled up from being blown in too many directions.

What type of flag pole is best?

There are a lot of great flagpoles available on the market today and finding which one is the best may have more to do with personal preference and needs than anything. For your average homeowner, a small 6ft wall mounted flagpole will be sufficient to put their flag up on the front deck or porch. And for some, maybe they will want a residential 20ft flagpole to put in their front yard. It all just depends on what you need, prefer and what your budget is.

What is the tip of a flagpole called?

The tip or very top of a flagpole is also known as a finial. This can represent and stand for any decoration that sits atop of it, whether it is a gold ball, eagle, spear or star.

What is the ball on a flagpole called?

The ball in particular on a flagpole is known as a finial ball.

  • Flag never gets tangled around the pole
  • Two-piece aluminum pole with a ball bearing mounted joint
  • Easy to use with any banner flag
  • Comes with EZ clips to use flags with grommets
  • Made in China
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