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Super Tough Brand 5ft x 8ft Nylon US Flag

The United States Flag Store is happy to offer you one of our most popular, high-quality products we have in stock. The Super Tough Brand 5ft x 8ft Nylon US Flag truly does earn its stars and stripes for being super tough. This flag is made of Nylon and has been dubbed the "all weather American flag." This is because nylon is fast drying and does well with both moisture and sunshine. The colors stay vibrant and can handle whatever mother nature decides to throw at it. The Super Tough Brand 5ft x 8ft Nylon US Flag is a lighter material and will not require much wind to fly. This ensures that you can see Old Glory wave wonderfully in only a little bit of wind. This Super Tough flag features embroidered stars and sewn stripes that will have your flag looking good and doing it for a long time to come. Brass grommets with a sturdy canvas header will make sure your flag keeps its shape and flies just how it should. Rain or shine, your Super Tough Brand 5ft x 8ft Nylon US Flag is one of the most durable in its class and will look great flying by your home or business.

If you live in a windy area and fly the flag 24/7, you should check out our Sewn polyester American Flags. The fabric is a little more durable but is also heavier and will require more wind to "fly".

The Super Tough 5ft x 8ft Nylon Flag is 100% Made in the U.S.A.

Is a nylon flag an all-weather flag?

Nylon flags have certainly earned the nickname as being "all weather flags." Nylon is a resistant, fast drying material, holding its own against the natural elements it faces when outdoors. These flags are fade resistant to sunlight and have low friction in the wind while also drying quickly from getting wet. All of these aid and are the reasons why nylon has earned its reputation as the "all weather flag."

Which is better for a flag polyester or nylon?

The choice between polyester and nylon for a flag really comes down to a matter of price, personal preference and where you are going to put your flag. It should be noted that there are two types of polyester flags we sell, printed and sewn polyester. Printed polyester flags are the more economical, meaning they don't cost as much as their nylon or sewn polyester counterparts, but they also have a traditionally shorter life span and are intended to be used indoors and outdoors. Sewn polyester is the most expensive option but is also one of the heaviest and most durable flags we sell. Sewn polyester will also require more wind to "fly," traditionally than a nylon or printed polyester flag. These materials are also quite different in aesthetics or looks and feel in that nylon tends to be looked at more favorably than printed polyester. Nylon flags are great if you plan on flying your flag outdoors as it handles sunshine, moisture and wind well and will last longer than a printed polyester flag in the same situation, but not as long as sewn polyester. There really is no right or wrong answer as far as what is better, and all have their merits. A sewn polyester flag will last longer than a nylon flag and a nylon flag will last longer than a printed polyester flag.

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Excellent durability and resistance to fading
  • Beautiful embroidered stars and sewn stripes
  • Excellent fly ability requires low winds to fly
  • Made with 100% nylon, known for its weather resistance
  • Finished with a heavy canvas heading and brass grommets
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United States
Sewn Nylon
5ft x 8ft
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Nylon Flags
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