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4" x 6" American Hand Flags

4" x 6" American Hand Flags

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The United States Flag Store offers several 4" x 6" American hand flags in a range of quality levels.

4" x 6" Mini Patriotic USA Hand Flags on Stick

The United States Flag Store has a wonderful array of 4" x 6" American hand flags available to meet your whatever needs. Whether you are buying in bulk or just want to purchase one, The United States Flag Store has got you covered. There are many ways that you can use our 4" x 6" small American flags. Some of the most popular uses we see are for handing out at parades or special social events that take place in the community. A lot of these happen around well liked and admired American holidays such as, President's Day, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Labor Day and Veteran's Day. These flags are also a great option to hand out at campaigns at any political level to amp up the crowd and showcase patriotic pride. These 4" x 6" small American flags are also an ideal candidate to be used as a decoration or showpiece on your desk. Start a conversation about it! Be sure to check out our weighted and unweighted bases for these flags here. A lot of our small American hand flags come with different options for your preference and desires. We offer spear, ball and no top for the sticks. And you can also order your choice of wood or plastic for it. Our 4" x 6" flags are typically cut, but we do have fringed edges that are more suitable for display purposes, such as in an office setting on a desk

Small Decorative American Flags - Made in the USA

Our Standard and Super Tough stick flags are made and assembled right here in the United States of America at our very own factory and warehouse in Pennsylvania. We are able to offer you some of the best prices around thanks to being locally sourced, created and ran. Not only does this pass the savings onto you, but this also helps keep jobs and your money right here in this country. These flags are of the same quality, if not better than what you would find in the store. Don't sleep on this and buy direct from one of the largest manufacturers of United States flags in the world. Enjoy fast shipping and great customer service on every order.

Bulk American Stick Flags: Available in Packs of 100!

We offer our USA Stick Flags individually, in packs of 25 and in packs of 100. We have this selection on each product page for our stick flags for your shopping convenience.

Small American Flags for Graves and Memorials

We recommend our 12" x 18" US Stick Flags for graves and memorials as they have a longer stick of 30" to insure that the flag does not touch the ground.

Where can I buy small flags?

You can shop our entire inventory of USA stick flags right here. The United States Flag Store also has stick flags available in other categories such as State Stick flags, International Stick Flags, Military Stick Flags and more!

How to dispose of small American flags on sticks?

The best way to dispose of your American stick flags is to donate them or refer to the U.S. Flag Code for proper disposal.

Stick flags are not suitable for small children.

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