Super Tough 3ft x 5ft Super Knitted Polyester American Flag

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The Best 3x5 ft Embroidered USA Flag

This Outdoor American Flag will last through the years

This particular American flag is an import and is made from spun polyester which is a synthetic fabric, also known as an "all weather," fabric and is the most ideal for outdoor use. This is particularly because of its weather resistance and ruggedness. The all-weather fabric ensures your flag is able to be left outside, keeping its vibrancy in color, durability, shape, majesty and wave proudly in those rainy, snowy, sunny, and windy days. This flag features an open weave, which reduces fabric stress all the while resisting high winds. If you fly the flag 24/7, then these American flags are a great choice, especially if the flag is going to be flown in high wind speeds. Spun polyester is a heavier fabric, so it will require a higher wind speed to properly "fly" over nylon American flags. They will also require a little more effort to put up and take down. It is also water resistant in addition to holding up well in the sun and high winds.

Biggest Store Online for United States Flags

The United States Flag Store is one of the largest manufacturers and retailers of flag products in the world. We offer unconditional 6 month warranties on our Super Tough and Koralex II sewn polyester flags. We also do our best to let you know the accurate country of origin for whatever flag you may be buying, All of our made-in U.S.A flags will clearly state that they are in fact "Made in the USA". In this case, this 3x5 American Flag is imported in place of our Super Tough American Made flag until we are able to receive the fabric needed. We clearly state this in the product title and throughout this description. The demand for 3x5 flags led us to choosing the import in its place, you can visit our Made in the USA category to view all flags that we do currently have that are Made in the USA.

What Flag Pole do I need?

You will need a 15-25 foot flag pole to properly display this flag. You can read more about selecting a flag pole in our guide.

American Flag Display Cases

There are many reasons why you may want to use a display case for your flag. If you are a veteran or active service member, these work wonderful to set up a beautiful homage to your days of being in the service as a way of remembering and honoring your times working with your brothers and sisters. American Flag Display Cases also make a great gift for the service men and women in your life. You can also purchase one for your home to display with other memorabilia, medals, pictures to honor someone who may have served in your family. You can shop our selection of American Flag Display Cases for 3x5 flag here.

We also have a variety of accessories available for your flag, flag pole and patriotic decorations.

Is 3x5 a normal flag size?

Yes, a 3 ft x 5 ft flag is the typical size for an American flag that is flown at a private residence.

  • 6 month limited warranty
  • Extremely durable flag material
  • Embroidered stars and sewn stripes
  • Same quality as our US made version
  • Resists high winds, best choice for 24/7 use
  • Imported ( US made version very limited supply due to fabric shortage )
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3ft x 5ft
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Spun Poly Flags
Sewn Polyester
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