Super Tough 25ft Outdoor Flagpole Kit

Super Tough
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25 Foot Outdoor Aluminum Flagpole with all the parts you need

The Super Tough 25ft Outdoor Flagpole Kit is all you will need to get Old Glory up and flying high in the air, proudly and in no time. This is one of our more economical and bargain priced flagpoles, designed specifically to get you a flagpole within your possession and in the ground, promptly and simply. This sectional flagpole kit comes shipped in multiple pieces of thick heavy-duty 16-gauge aluminum and doesn't require any extra machinery to assemble. The Super Tough kit is made to be put together with ease and appear smooth and seamless. Also, with the Super Tough 25ft Outdoor Flagpole Kit, you get a cast aluminum truck with a pulley and a nylon halyard rope for raising your flag. You also get nylon flag snaps to hold your flag in place, a 4ft by 6ft American flag with sewn edges and a beautiful gold anodized ball to top it off. With easy to follow instructions and a PVC ground sleeve, you just got to find where you are going to put your new flagpole, dig a hole and put the cement in! This particular Super Tough Flagpole Kit is an import, but still has all the same quality and craftsmanship you would find in our American made products.

This kit includes:

  • Gold Anodized Ball
  • Cast Aluminum Truck With Pulley
  • Strong Nylon Halyard Rope
  • Nylon Flag Snaps
  • PVC Ground Sleeve
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • 4'x6' American Flag

Flagpole Installation

This flagpole can be installed without expert assistance or a crane, however the ground sleeve must be cemented into the ground to hold the pole vertically. You should also be sure to take precautions when deciding where you are going to install your new flagpole and call before you dig. You don't want to be hitting any sewer, water, power, internet or cable lines. For some more detailed information on deciding what flagpole to get and where to put your flagpole, check out ourSelecting a Flag Pole page.

High Wind and Severe Weather

It should be noted that this is a residential grade flagpole and that this particular model is rated for low to moderate winds and is not designed to fly a flag in severe weather.

Other Outdoor 20ft and 25ft Flagpoles for your Home, Made in the USA

If you live in an area that does get high winds and more severe weather, be sure to check out our flagpoles that can withstand a little more than these particular ones. Our Commercial Grade Sectional Flagpoles come in a little more in price but can also handle more.

What is the legal height of a flagpole?

The legal height of a flagpole is going to vary depending on the community you live in. It is suggested that before you decide to purchase or install a flagpole, you should check with your local ordinances, laws and guidelines to see if there is a limitation on how tall of a flagpole you can have in your yard or in front of your business.

How much does a residential flagpole cost?

Residential flagpoles prices can be a little all over the place, depending on the height, material, what is included with the flagpole and where it was built. You can purchase 6ft residential flagpoles for your front porch that cost just under $30, while some of the pricier items can get to be over $1k. It just depends on your needs and what you are looking to spend!

Which flagpole should withstand the strongest wind?

We have flagpoles that are designed specifically to handle high wind in our High Windspeed Rated Flagpoles.

How deep should a 20' flagpole be in the ground?

The rule of thumb with flagpole installation is that at least ten percent of the flagpole height should be installed into the ground. For a 20ft flagpole, this would equate to approximately 2 feet of the flagpole should be in the ground and for a 25ft flagpole, 2.5 feet.

  • Silver anodized seamless aluminum tubing
  • Measures 23 ft. above ground
  • Sections swedge together to provide a smooth exterior
  • 16 gauge wall thickness, 2.5" butt diameter
  • Kit includes all the fittings for the pole
  • Can be installed without expert assistance or a crane
  • Made in China
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