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20ft Commercial Marine Grade Flagpole

Commercial grade quality at a residential price, this is what you get with the 20ft Commercial Grade Sectional Flagpole by Annin Flagmakers. This lightweight and easy to assemble sectional flagpole is made of fiberglass with a bottom diameter of 3.75 inches and a top diameter that measures 2 inches. It has a wall thickness of 5 to 6mm or 0.196 to 0.232 of an inch. It also features a sleek commercial-like tapered design that would look great next to any home or one-story commercial property, regardless of the style. It is finished with a marine grade UV resistant, high-gloss gel coat that will keep it looking brand new for many years to come. You get all the accessories you need so you can be sure to get your flag up and waving in no time. Included with this flagpole is a ground sleeve, ground collar, halyard rope, cleat and a gold anodized aluminum finial ball for the top. This flagpole has an incredible tensile strength that measures 50k pounds per square inch. It is a strong and durable flagpole that does not conduct electricity. The 20ft Commercial Grade Sectional Flagpole by Annin Flagmakers is an excellent flagpole with lightweight, strength and easy installation in mind. This flagpole also includes a one year warranty and is an import from the United Kingdom. 

The 20ft Commercial Grade Sectional Flagpole by Annin Flagmakers has a flagged windspeed rating of 40 miles per hour and an unflagged windspeed of up to 75 miles per hour. 

Please Note: Recommended flag size for this pole is 3ft x 5ft.


  • Easy to Install
  • Ships UPS oversized
  • Total length of pole is 22ft.
  • Does not conduct electricity
  • Wall thickness = 5mm-6mm
  • Unflagged wind speed of 70 MPH
  • Butt diameter 3.75", Top diameter 2"
  • 50,000 lbs per square inch tensile strength
  • Marine Grade UV Resistant High Gloss gel coat finish

Click for warranty info and more information about buying a commercial grade flagpole.

Commercial Grade Sectional Flagpole, Made in the USA, Heavy-Duty Aluminum

If you are looking for made in the U.S.A. options to fit your flagpole needs, look no further than the Super Tough Commercial Grade Sectional 20ft Flagpole. Boasting a lifetime warranty along with 2 times the thickness of regular residential flagpoles make this a great choice for around the same amount of money for the flagpole on this page. This comes with everything you need and is made right here in the United States. 

Flagpole Lighting, Solar Flagpole Light

And to keep Old Glory flying all throughout the night, you'll want to be sure you have a nice flagpole light shining on 'er. We have got a wide selection of Flagpole Lighting for any setup. With solar flagpole lights you can keep a spotlight on the red, white and blue any time of the day or in this case, night. 

Flagpole Installation

To read in more detail on flagpole installation, check out the bottom of Commercial Grade Aluminum Flagpoles landing page. This is going to walk you through a few of things to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing and installing your new flagpole. We cover topics such as height, location and windspeed as well as budget. 

What is the difference between a commercial and residential flag pole? 

Commercial and residential flagpoles see their differences primarily in their build, design and the materials they each use. Commercial flagpoles usually feature a tapered design that go from wider at the bottom to smaller toward the top and are made with different materials. Other commercial flagpoles are also predominantly single pieces and made from fiberglass and commercial grade aluminum, a thicker and more durable aluminum than that of residential. 

How tall is a commercial flagpole?

Commercial flagpoles can go anywhere from 20ft all the way up to 130ft tall. 

What is the legal height of a flagpole?

The legal height of a flagpole is going to be dependent on the location of the flagpole. Different communities, cities and townships all have their own rules and regulations in regard to flagpoles both in their height and even placement. It is always best to contact your local government offices to see what kind of laws and ordinances they have surrounding flagpole height and placement. 

Where to buy flag pole?

The United States Flag Store is your one stop, premier shop for all things flag and flag related items with flagpoles being no exception. Be sure to browse our selection today. 

  • 1 year warranty (more details)
  • Easy to install, no expert assistance required
  • Comes complete with all the fittings that you need
  • Marine grade UV resistant high gloss gel coat finish
  • Flagged wind speed of 55 MPH with a 3ft x5ft or 4ft x 6ft flag
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