Super Tough Residential 20ft Flagpole (Silver, White or Bronze )

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20ft Flagpole for 3ft x 5ft Flag

This is Super Tough's answer to finding an economic flagpole to fit your budget needs without cutting corners on the quality. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you, the consumer, great products with a great price and this Super Tough Residential 20ft Flagpole is no exception. You get your choice of a silver, white and bronze colored flagpole with the option to bring in and purchase an American made United States flag to come with it. The flagpole itself is a high-quality residential grade flagpole that comes in 5 sections to make putting together that much easier and comes in with a sturdy 2-inch diameter. It is made of 16-gauge aluminum and comes with a stylized gold ball top to stand up to some winds and look great doing it. Also included is the ground sleeve for installation and halyard and truck to raise your flag. You can add a US made 3ft x 5ft Valley Forge sewn nylon flag with embroidered stars for additional cost. This Super Tough Residential 20ft Flagpole is an import, but is more than fit to hold the red, white and blue.

Recommended flag size for this pole is 3ft x 5ft.

This kit includes a:

  • Gold ball topper
  • Plastic ground sleeve
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Rope and all the fittings you need
  • 21ft 2" maintenance-free aluminum sectional pole (4 sections each 55", 1 section 51.5")

This particular flagpole is recommended for residential areas that receive low wind. If you are interested in checking out some of our higher wind rated flagpoles, you can check out our Shop by Windspeed page here.

Other American Flagpole Kits

For those looking for a flagpole in the next tier up in price that has a little more behind it, check out our Super Tough Heavy Duty 20ft Residential Flagpole Kit. This flagpole has a 3-inch diameter at the base tapered up to 2 inches at the top. This also comes with everything you need to get your flag and flagpole up and, in the air, including topper, halyard and truck, ground sleeve and even a U.S. made 3ft by 5ft nylon American flag with embroidered stars.

Made in the USA

You can also check out our Commercial Grade Sectional Flagpoles. These are going to be the heavy hitters on our site with durability, longevity and peak performance on their forefronts. All of the flagpoles on this page are made right here in the United States.

View assembly instructions for this flagpole kit ( 2.5 Mb PDF file )

What size flagpole for house?

With most residential houses being only one to two stories max, a 20-to-25-foot flagpole will suffice and be more than enough to place next to your home.

Where to put a flagpole in your yard?

To get the most out of your flagpole and finding a good place to put it in your yard, you'll want to make sure your flagpole is free from any obstructions and visible from multiple lines of sight. This just means keeping your flagpole clear of anything in its immediate area including trees, buildings and any other things or structures that can get in the way of your flagpole. Most people like to place their flagpole in an open area that is easily visible to people passing by such as on a hill or in an open field. The choice is ultimately yours in where you want to place your flagpole. Just be sure wherever you decide to put it, your flagpole looks like it belongs and is going to be a proud and suitable location to hold the American flag. Also be sure to call before you dig to ensure you don't hit any sewer, cable, internet, power or water lines.

Where to buy flagpole?

You can buy your very own flagpole right here at the United States Flag Store. With so many options available both for the thrifty and extravagant shopper, we have flagpoles to fit any budget and need. So, whether you are just looking for an economic choice that won't strain your wallet, or you are looking for the next flagpole to last a lifetime, we got you covered.

  • Made in China
  • 2" diameter, made in 5 sections
  • High quality residential grade 20ft pole
  • Total length 22ft, 2ft cemented into ground
  • Includes ground sleeve, halyard, truck and topper
  • Maintenance free 16 gauge aluminum with gold ball top
  • Add a 3ft x 5ft Valley Forge sewn nylon flag with embroidered stars for additional cost
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