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20ft Commercial Flag Pole

The 20ft External Halyard Commercial Fiberglass Pole is a simple solution for the customer who lives near a body of water or just off the coast. It has a high windspeed rating and is resistant to corrosion. Where high salt content in the air may destroy other metal flagpoles, it will not have the same effect on this fiberglass flagpole, giving you an ideal piece to set up if you happen to live on coastlines or near the ocean water. The flagpole is finished with a durable gel coat finish that will never need to be redone and won't crack or discolor from the sun, rain, or age. This flagpole is also non-conductive, meaning you won't have to worry about it acting as a vessel for electricity or attracting lightning. This is a one-piece, lightweight, fiberglass flagpole with a bottom diameter for this model of 4.5 inches and a top diameter of 2.5 inches. It comes with everything you will need to get it up and installed including a revolving truck, a quarter-inch thick halyard rope, a cleat with mounting screws, a flash collar, flag clips, a hinge base kit, and instructions. You also get a final ball to go on the top. You can choose from black, brown, silver, and white tints and what installation method you prefer. These choices are between the classic ground sleeve, which is a tube that is set in concrete, or a hinge base that uses anchor bolts into concrete. You can wash this flagpole with simple soap and water from time to time if you wish to regain its natural luster. The 20ft External Halyard Commercial Fiberglass Pole comes with a limited 20-year warranty and is a product from the company, Flagmore US.

This flagpole has an unflagged windspeed rating of 150 miles per hour.

Please Note: Due to the nature of this flagpole, and being so lightweight, it is possible to install this flagpole yourself. However, cement will need to be mixed and used during installation and as such, this product may require professional or expert assistance.

Commercial Grade Fiberglass Sectional Flagpole for Residential Areas

Another similar flagpole to this one that we sell at the United States Flag Store is the 20ft Commercial Grade White Fiberglass Sectional Flagpole by Annin Flagmakers. While not as high in its windspeed rating, this flagpole does boast easy installation and is offered at around half the price. 

Flagpole Lighting, Solar Flagpole Lights

To make sure you keep Old Glory waving bright and proud even during the nighttime hours, check out our Flagpole Lighting page. We carry solar powered lights for the top and bottom of the flagpole. 

Made in the USA

Be sure to check out our Commercial Grade Sectional Page if you are looking for other quality flagpoles that are made in the U.S.A.

How tall is a commercial flagpole?

Our commercial flagpoles range anywhere from 20 to 130 feet in height. 

What is the legal height of a flagpole?

The legal height of a flagpole is going to be dependent on the location. Different areas all have their own rules and regulations in regard to flagpole height and even placement. To answer this question, contact your local government office. 

What are commercial flagpoles made of?

Commercial flagpoles are usually made with what is simply known as commercial grade aluminum and alloys. These metals are a little thicker and more durable than that of standard residential grade aluminum. Some commercial flagpoles can even be made with fiberglass. 

Where to buy flag pole?

The United States Flag Store is your one stop, premier shop for all things flag and flag related items with flagpoles at the top of that list. 

  • Limited 20 year warranty
  • High windspeed rating
  • Finish won't discolor, darken, get powdery or crack
  • Resistant to sun, moisture, and corrosion
  • Light weight and durable
  • Quiet, no clanging from flag snaps
  • Doesn't conduct electricity or attract lightning
  • External Halyard
  • Available in 4 finishes
6.00 (in)
6.00 (in)
264.00 (in)
Country Of Origin:
Butt Diameter:
Exposed Height:
Overall Height:
Top Diameter:
Unflagged Windspeed:
150 MPH
External Halyard
Revolving Truck
Product Type:
a01-ground-sleeve-external-haylard-poles-20-to-35-ft|pdf|Spec Sheet - Ground Sleeve
a03-hinge-base-external-halyard-poles-20-40-feet|pdf|Spec Sheet - Hinge Base
i01-installation-instructions-ground-sleeve|pdf|Install Instructions - Ground Sleeve
i03-installation-instructions-hinge-base-20-to-40|pdf|Install Instructions - Hinge base

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