20' Aluminum Tapered Residential Flagpole by Valley Forge

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20' Aluminum Tapered Residential Flagpole by Valley Forge

Valley Forge provides a sensible and economical piece with their 20ft Aluminum Tapered Residential Flagpole. It is made with residential grade aluminum and comes with a wall thickness of 0.055 of an inch, and a bottom diameter of 3 inches that tapers up to 2. This flagpole is a 20ft, 5-piece sectional and comes with everything you need to get your flag up and going, even the flag if you choose! It comes with a ground sleeve for installation, flag snaps, strong and durable halyard rope, and a cleat with a 2 inch cast aluminum truck and 3 inch gold aluminum finial ball for the top. This flagpole has received rave reviews from our customers praising it for its construction, strength, and sturdiness for its price. The only accessory not included with this pole is the flash collar. The 20ft Aluminum Tapered Residential Flagpole by Valley Forge is an import and is the perfect choice for the budget-conscious consumer who wants a beautiful and strong flagpole for their home without the heavy price tag. 

This flagpole does not require expert assistance to install, however, the mixing of cement may be needed. This pole has a total length of 22ft, needing 2ft of the flagpole to go in the ground.

Recommended flag size is 3' x 5' with a maximum size of 4' x 6'.

Unfortunately, wind speed ratings for this pole are not available.

This flagpole does not contain a flash collar.

In Ground 20ft Flagpole Kit Made in the USA

For a flagpole similar to the one on this page, we have got the Super Tough Classic Sectional Flagpole. This is a US made sectional flagpole that comes in a variety of different heights. You get your choice of 13, 17, and 21ft. It is a 2 inch diameter pole and is made of 16 gauge, rust-free aluminum. This comes with all the standard accessories, a halyard rope, stationary truck, gold ball topper, and an American flag. Our customers love this flagpole for its easy installation and praise it for its great quality. The Super Tough Classic Sectional Flagpole is made right here in the United States and is an all-around great product at a great price. 

Telescoping Flagpole Kit for Your Home

While this flagpole is an import, it is another budget friendly option for the crafty consumer looking for a pole kit for their house. The Super Tough 18ft Telescoping Flagpole comes with a sewn nylon American flag as well as all the fittings you need. This flagpole goes from 5ft to 18ft in a matter of seconds and is made of 16 gauge aluminum. It comes with a plastic ground sleeve and has over 40 5-star reviews. The Super Tough 18ft Telescoping Flagpole is an excellent flagpole for the price and will ensure you can get Old Glory waving in your front yard in no time. 

Residential Flagpole Installation and Extra Parts

For standard residential flagpole installation, you can view our pdf here. This will break down the process into simple, manageable chunks. If you need extra parts for your flagpole, be sure to check out our Flagpole Accessories page. We have got everything from parade flag and flagpole items to toppers and internal halyard parts.

High Wind Flagpoles

If high wind speed is a concern, we have got plenty of high windspeed rated flagpoles too! You can shop our Windspeed page right here. These ratings start around the 50 mile per hour mark with some going all the way up to 250 miles per hour. Be sure to check the "Additional Information," section on the product page to get the specific ratings on the correlating flagpole. 

Solar Light for your Flagpole

Along with accessories, you can also keep your flag lit up at night, with a little help of course. We offer Flagpole Lighting that will work for any flagpole! These are all solar powered lights so you will not need to plug them in or worry about any pesky cables.

What is the standard residential flagpole size? How tall should a residential flagpole be?

Residential flagpoles can come in a variety of different sizes with the most common being 20ft. This is the all-around sweet spot for residential flagpoles, it is tall enough to be seen waving next to a one-story home or business, but not too tall that it looks out of place. The general consensus on flagpole height is going to be 20ft for one story while a two to three-story home or business may require a 25 to 30ft flagpole. 

What is the difference between a commercial and residential flag pole?

The main differences between commercial and residential flagpoles come down to their build, materials and design. Each is made with its own correlating grade of aluminum, residential grade for residential and commercial grade for commercial. This is the first difference between commercial grade being made with heavier and stronger aluminum and other metal alloys. The design of these typically sees most residential flagpoles with a single width throughout (some are tapered, such as this one) as well as coming in sections. Whereas commercial residential flagpoles tend to come as one solid piece and have thicker interior walls. 

What is the legal height of a flagpole?

The legal height of a flagpole is going to be dependent on where the flagpole is located, The city, township, and even zone are going to play a factor as to what is allowed. To find out what the rules and regulations are in regard to flagpole height, contact your local government's office. 

Where can I buy a flagpole?

The United States Flag Store is your one stop, premier shop for all things flag and flag related items. Get your next flagpole from us today. 

  • 20ft tapered sectional
  • Perfect for residential use
  • Residential grade aluminum
  • 3" butt diameter, .055" wall thickness
  • Includes all accessories but flash collar
  • Please Note: The flag ships separately from the pole, you will receive 2 separate shipments.
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