18in x 36in Printed Pleated Fan - Cotton with Stars

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Decorative Patriotic Fans

Say hello to the Super Tough United States cotton pleated fan! This wonderful piece of patriotic decor was made right here in the U.S.A. and is by our very own brand Super Tough. Super Tough really does earn its stars and stripes for being super tough. You'd be hard pressed to find a better-quality product for a better price. Adding that iconic look of classic Americana to your own home has never been easier. Pleated fans look right as rain (but try not to leave it out in it) on your porch, rail and entryways and windowsills. These pleated fans mesh well at get togethers to add that extra bit of patriotic zest and show your spirit on Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Veteran's Day, Labor Day and any other event you need to wave that red, white and blue! Patriotic pleated fans are perfect for parade floats and outdoor use making them the all-around patriotic decoration you need to dress up any occasion. Made with brass grommets, a strong canvas header and a whole lotta American pride.

Made right here in the United States of America, the United States Flag Store offers our personal guarantee that you are going to love what you get.

Compare- Some of our customers prefer the cotton pleated fans over many of the other styles thanks to the vibrancy of the colors that the cotton allows to shine through. This does have a trade off in regard to use mind you, cotton pleated fans may not last as long outdoors as sewn polyester pleated fans or nylon pleated fans. So long as you take them down during inclement weather, they should give you some good use.

If you are looking for a pleated fan with even more strength and durability, check out our 18in x 36in Super Tough Sewn Polyester Pleated Fan. For our full inventory we have on hand, here's our Pleated Fan section.

What is a bunting flag?

A bunting flag is a way to show the stars and stripes of the American flag without actually using the American Flag as a decoration. Proper flag etiquette dictates and strictly states that the actual flag of the United States of America is to not be used as a decoration. But how else are you supposed to share and show your love for the stars and stripes and decorate around the holidays? With bunting and pleated fans, of course!

18in x 36in Printed Pleated Fan - Cotton with Stars
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