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12in x 18in Puerto Rico Nylon Flag

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12" x 18" Puerto Rico Flag

Whether you are from the island or you just want to show your Puerto Rican pride, this 12 inch by 18 inch nylon flag will do just that. With vibrant, bold colors, you'll be able to recognize this flag anywhere. This flag is made from a top-quality heavyweight nylon fit to withstand whatever weather mother nature can throw. Also featuring a strong canvas heading to add to its longevity and durability making sure your new Puerto Rican flag lasts for quite some time. This flag also has brass grommets to make installation easy breezy. Whether it's a party and you're celebrating a special occasion, or you just want to show your appreciation for Puerto Rican culture, this flag is a great way to do that.

What does the Puerto Rican flag look like? Colors? Similarities with the American Flag

The Puerto Rican flag has five horizontal alternating red and white stripes with a blue isosceles triangle on the hoist or left side with a white five-point star within the triangle. The colors of this flag actually share some similarities with the American flag, most notably its colors and even basic design. While the shades of red and blue are different in the Puerto Rican flag, a previous version had the same shade of blue known as Old Glory Blue as the United States flag.

Where did Puerto Rico get its first flag? Original? Meaning?

Puerto Rico's first original flag at least as a revolting nation, vying for independence was known as the "Revolutionary Flag of Lares." This comes about in 1868 when Puerto Rican peoples would attempt to overthrow their Spanish rulers. This revolution did not last very long; however, it did spark the beginning of the making of a free island.

The Lares Revolutionary Flag has a white Latin cross in the middle, separating the flag into four squares, the two bottom which were red and the top two that were blue with a single white five-point star in the top left square. The best we have on the meaning of this design is attributed to Luis Llorens Torres, Puerto Rican poet, playwright and politician. The red squares for the blood that was poured by heroes of the rebellion, the Latin cross for their homeland and desire for it and the white star in the blue square is for freedom and liberty.

What does the Cuban flag look like?

The Cuban flag has five horizontal alternating blue and white stripes with a red isosceles triangle on the hoist or left side with a white five-point star within the triangle.

Why is the Cuba and Puerto Rico flag the same?

While similar in their design and even in the colors used, red, white and blue, the flags are actually different. Puerto Rico has red and white stripes while Cuba has blue and white stripes. Puerto Rico has a blue isosceles triangle while Cuba has a red isosceles triangle. Both flags do have five alternating stripes and isosceles triangles and white five-point stars, however they do differ in the colors used. It's speculated that this may have been done intentionally with Puerto Rico basing their flag off of Cuba's but wanting to still be easily differentiated from Jamaica and Cuba with their own color scheme.

We also carry flags from other United States Territories too! So, if you are looking to start collecting or round out your collection, we have got just the flags for you.

  • Top quality heavyweight nylon, excellent outdoor durability
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Suitable for the outdoors and looks fantastic indoors as well
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