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State Stick Flags

You'll love our extensive collection of state stick flags because they make the perfect small desk flags, but they can be displayed anywhere you prefer. We carry 4-inch by 6-inch sizes and 12-inch by 18-inch sizes, which means you can get exactly what you want at a price you can afford. In addition to our state and territory flags, which are great for classrooms, offices and home use, we have weighted hand flag bases that can accommodate between one and six flags.

You'll also find complete 50-state flag sets, wall brackets for classroom stick flags and so much more in our extensive selection. We carry a number of historical stick flags, as well, which means you can get what you need for any display. These educational, fun flags are made from silky polyester fabric and feature sewn edges. They're sturdy and durable, so they're great for teaching kids and setting up geography and civics projects, as well; they're very popular in the classroom.