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North Carolina

The current North Carolina State flag was designed in 1885, but uses many of the elements from the original design to preserve the state's history. The flag is red on top, white on the bottom and blue on the left side. A white star, gold state initials and 2 dates appear on the blue panel. The upper date refers to the Macklenburg Declaration of Independence while the lower date commemorates the Halifax Resolves.

Type Printed Polyester Superknit Polyester Outdoor Nylon Outdoor Nylon Heavy Duty Polyester
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2ft x 3ft       $17.50  
3ft x 5ft $5.95 $11.30   $20.50 $31.85
4ft x 6ft       $39.45 $48.75
5ft x 8ft     $57.65   $76.40

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  1. North Carolina flag 4 x 6 inch
  2. North Carolina Flag Lapel Pin
  3. North Carolina flag 12 x 18 inch
  4. North Carolina 3ft x 5ft Printed Polyester Flag
  5. North Carolina Flag 3ft x 5ft Super Knit polyester
  6. North Carolina 3ft. x 5ft. Sewn Polyester Flag
  7. North Carolina flag 2 x 3 Nylon
  8. North Carolina Flag 4 x 6 Feet Nylon

    North Carolina Flag 4 x 6 Feet Nylon

    SKU: SNC46N
    $65.00 $41.45
  9. North Carolina Flag 4 x 6 Feet Nylon-Indoor: Add Pole Hem and Fringe
  10. North Carolina Flag 3x5ft Nylon

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The United States Flag Store offers North Carolina flags in 2 different fabrics and a range of standard sizes. Other sizes are available upon request and typically take an additional 3 to 5 business days to be shipped out. Heavyweight nylon flags are a popular choice because of their low prices and thoughtful details. For areas that experience high winds, a stronger 2-ply polyester flag such as Spectra-Pro or Poly-Wavez is recommended.

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