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State Flag: Flags from All 50 States

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State Flag: Flags from All 50 States

States use their flags to show a unique trait that distinguishes them from other states. Just like the State Quarters from a few years ago, each state has something different and characteristic about it and residents of each state are very proud of what their home adds to America as a whole.

Here at the United States Flag Store, we carry the state flags of all 50 states in various sizes and qualities. For great school projects, a classroom could have a set of all 50 stick flags, one for each state. Then, students could each pick a state or two to report on to the rest of the class.

Each flag has its own story, including the Oklahoma State Flag, which pays homage to the state’s rich Native American heritage. There are two symbols of peace on it, including a Native American peace pipe and an olive branch. There are also brown crosses on the flag, which are Native American symbols for stars. Many interesting stories and meanings can come out of each state flag and students will learn a lot from a project like this.

Many residents of individual states enjoy having their state flag displayed on their car or outside their home. The Texas state flag is a popular choice nationwide because of the pride and solidarity of the Texan spirit. After 9/11, it was said that all of America considered itself New Yorkers, so New York State and city flags became a sign of American unity.

Our flags are only of the highest quality. If you’re looking for an economical choice, our Superknit polyester flags look great and last as long as nylon flags, but cost much less. If you’re looking to fly your flag outdoors every day, you’ll want to consider our American-made nylon flags from such great manufacturers as the Valley Forge Flag Company. All of our flags offer a quality and price that is unmatched anywhere online.

We even create custom flag gifts and have many other items featuring state flags, including pins, stickers, patches, and even hard hats! We also carry a stand that can hold all 50 state flags next to each other for a great display piece on any desk, whether it is at home or in an office or school.

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