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International Stick Flags

Whether it's for the Olympics, the World Cup, a parade or to mark a special event, international stick flags are a great way to show pride in your country. American is a melting pot and welcomes the diversity of its citizens. What better way to declare your support than with a small country flag.

When the annual Saint Patrick's Day parade rolls down Fifth Avenue in New York City, the Irish Flags are waving. The US Open in Flushing, New York is another event where spectators love to wave the flag of their countrymen as they root them on to victory.

The United States Flag Store carries a wide selection of international stick flags that are ideal for indoor or outdoor use and come in either a 4 x 6 inch or 12 x 18 inch sizes. And the price? It really does suit any budget. A 4 x 6 inch flag is only 99 cents! Got an international soccer match coming to your city? We make it simple and inexpensive to stock up on international flag decorations!

Makes a great gift idea!

These flags are suitable for parades and other events, or for your home or office. Stick flags are not suitable for young children. These flags are imported.

World Stick flags are non-refundable/non-returnable

We try our best to have all the stick flag staffs and tops look alike, however some substitutions may be made in the event we awaiting a shipment to arrive. We reserve the right to make these substitutions.

Please refer to our CUSTOMER SERVICE page for our return policy