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Heavy Duty Wall Mount Poles

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Great selection and lowest prices on all flagpoles from 5ft to 100ft. We are the largest direct vendor of flagpoles in the US, and we ship the next business day. We supply only the best quality products. Our flagpoles and flagpole kits are manufactured to the highest standards and are designed to last for many years. They are much more sturdy than you will find in most stores. Our factory direct pricing combined with our low overhead direct sales allows us to offer better quality products at much lower prices than you can find elsewhere.

These heavy-duty wall mount kits are suitable for larger residential and commercial buildings. Wall-mounting flagpoles are great for outdoor placement of any flag. These flagpoles provide the perfect solution where there isn't enough room for an in-ground flagpole. We have many different sizes and qualities of wall mounted flagpoles. Flags are also easily switched on these poles, so you can hang up decorative Christmas flags, sports team logo flags, and standard American banners.

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