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Free American Flag

Beware of companies offering "free American Flags". They overcharge for shipping and handling and so our flags work out cheaper at normal prices! Our lowest cost American flags costs just $2.50 each. Buy 10 or more for $2.25 each, for 100 or more they are $1.95 each. Select first class mail shipping option, which costs from $2.00 to $3.00 depending on your zip code. Our cost is $4.95 to $5.95, and we ship over 95% of orders within 2 business days. Compare to "Free" flags at $5.95 and shipping times of 4 to 6 weeks! If you order 2 or more flags our shipping costs per flag will be a lot less. We also have thousands of other high quality flag products at great prices, for example low cost American flag & flagpole kits from just $6.95.

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From $1.95 to $2.95
Superknit polyester US flags $from $3.75
Kits with flag, pole & bracket Frm $6.95

Quality US Flags in nylon and polyester, from $14
Quality wall mount American Flag kits

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