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    Oak Pedestal

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These attractive pedestals can be used with the flag display cases. They can be used to mount the engraved brass plates and service medallions. Please match up your pedestal or urn with the appropriate Flag Case by matching the letters in the item code. MDCSP/TL/OS. If they are from different manufacturers the colors will not match. Flag Cases sit on top of the pedestals and urns.

If you have a beautiful flag case to display, consider adding a flag display case pedestal. These pedestals are made to match any flag case you get here at the United States Flag Store and are made of fine woods and colored with fine stains.

You might be asking: Why get a flag case pedestal? Well, flag cases are a great way to display a loved-one’s memorial flag in a prominent place. But, the flag case pedestal allows you to personalize the display even further.

Pedestals not only raise a flag case up higher for better viewing, but they also serve as a great spot for engraved plaques and service medallions. The United States Flag Store can make you a personalized engraved plate and we also carry service medallions for every branch of the military. These attractive accents make a flag case look even more impressive. Adding a flag case pedestal and an engraved plaque (plus a service medallion) will complete a beautiful tribute to a loved one and hero of this country.