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Cotton American Flags

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US Flag carries 100% cotton American flags, made from densely woven heavy cotton fabric, ideal for enhancing the flag’s rich, vibrant colors. These flags have sewn stripes and embroidered stars, and are always the most attractive choice for indoor display. The four rows of stitching with reinforced fly ends make them sturdy and long-lasting.

When trying to decide on a cotton U.S. flag, consider all our options:

  • Imported cotton flags offer the best value.
  • Valley Forge Cotton American Flags are made in America, of the finest quality.
  • Valley Forge makes a special Heritage Series of antique style flags, hand-crafted with a special cotton dyeing process. Historical cotton flags produce an authentic look of age and sense of history.
  • We even carry G-Spec flags, made to exact government office specifications.

United States Flag is proud to offer an extensive selection of flag cases, suitable for preserving and honoring burial flags of fallen veterans. Memorial cases are available in your choice of colors, styles and prices.